Pest Control: What To Do When Rats Enter Your Home After A Flood

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If your area experiences a flood and rats enter your home through a damaged sewer line, contact pest control services right away. Even if you repair the sewer line, you still need to get rid of your rat problem. Sewer rats are some of the most dangerous pests to enter residential homes. The rodents carry a host of diseases and microorganisms, such as rabies and deer ticks, that make you sick. Sewer rats also bring feces and other hazardous waste into your home once they leave a broken sewer line. Here are things your pest control technician can do to treat your rat problem, as well as cleaning tips you can use to sanitize your home.

What to Expect From Pest Control

Trapping rodents is one of the most effective ways to get them out of your home. But since your home is flooded, trapping the sewer rats may not be easy. Luckily, your pest control experts have you covered.

Once you repair the broken sewer line, the rodents can't use it again to enter and leave your home. Instead, the sewer rats travel to nearby hiding places, such as an abandoned home, overgrown tree, or even the old appliances sitting in your yard to live. The rats now use your property's trees, power lines and cable television line to enter your attic.

Pest control can place rat traps on the roof and along the rafters inside the attic to catch the traveling pests during the night. The traps catch the rodents alive, which is a more humane method of pest control than glue traps or snap traps. Rodents that stick to glue traps may live for hours until they die.

Once pest control eliminates your rodent problem, take steps to clean up any rat feces, urine and other germs from your home.

How to Keep Your Home Disease and Rat Free

Protect your hands, face, and body with utility gloves, a face mask, long coveralls, and boots before you clean up the attic. You want to limit your exposure to the contaminants the rats brought into your attic as much as possible.

In addition, you reduce the spread of hazardous conditions into the main rooms of the home. Even if you clean up the flood damaged furnishings, clothing, rugs, and other items in the bedrooms and other rooms of the house, the fleas, ticks and microorganisms the sewer rats left behind in the attic can still bite and harm your family.

To protect your family, place foam insulation in every area of the attic that has rat holes in it. You want to prevent other rodents from re-entering your home. Next, mop the attic's flooring thoroughly with a bucket of bleach and hot water. Bleach is an effective germ killer but always follow the preparation instructions on the product's container before you use it.

Place one cup of bleach in a spray bottle filled halfway with water, then wet and wipe down the rafters in the attic. Be sure to clean as many surfaces as you can comfortably reach. If you can't clean the attic thoroughly, contact your pest control contractor for assistance.

If you need additional help with your rodent problems, email or call a local pest control company like Pestco Inc today.