When Lucky Ladybugs Become An Unfortunate Infestation In The Home

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Many people don't mind when a stray ladybug is seen crawling around within their home, after all, they are considered to be good luck! They do not bite, they are pretty to look at, and they usually will not lay eggs inside of structures. When a stray ladybug or two multiplies into a room full of ladybugs seen on walls and furniture however, you may no longer feel lucky! But since they are beneficial to your garden (they eat soft-bodied insects which harm vegetation), you will want to try to remove a ladybug infestation carefully so you do not harm them in the process. Here are some ways to remove ladybugs from within your home and a few ways to keep them from getting back inside.

Vacuum Without Harm

You will usually see a ladybug infestation occur during cooler months as they do not try to get inside of homes until they wish to hibernate. Remove ladybugs from within your home by using a vacuum cleaner attachment hose. Push a nylon stocking or a thin-material sock into the crevice of the hose, toe first. Wrap the cuff of the sock or stocking around the hose and hold in place with a rubber band. This will create a collection area for ladybugs you vacuum. 

After you suck ladybugs inside the footwear, simply remove the rubber band, detach the hose from the vacuum, remove the stocking or sock and release the ladybugs outdoors. You may need to do this several times to remove large infestations, but it is an effective method in removing them without harming them.

Use Special Lighting

Another method for ladybug removal is by purchasing a no-kill ladybug trap. These traps will attract ladybugs in large quantities. They consist of a fluorescent black light which will entice them to come into the collection area. Turn them on at night and then release the ladybugs outdoors the next morning.

Break The Cycle

Ladybugs release an odor to let other ladybugs know that there is a great place to harbor within during the cold weather. This scent will last inside your home, making it attract ladybugs year to year. One way to remove the scent is by wiping down the surfaces of your interior walls with a citrus-based cleanser. Ladybugs do not care for the scent of citrus and it takes away all traces of the pheromones they leave behind. Other deterrents that keep ladybugs away include lighting citronella candles, planting chrysanthemums around your home, and hanging small bags of cloves or bay leaves where ladybugs are prevalent.

If the problem comes back every year, consider painting your home a darker color or changing your siding as ladybugs prefer to flock to light-colored wood-sided homes. Check your home each year for cracks and crevices where ladybugs can wriggle inside. Fill these with caulk and use weather-stripping to fill in gaps around doors and windows. If you can't seem to get rid of all the lady bugs talk with a professional. Places like Bug Busters will know how to properly control the infestation.