Building A Home?: 6 Pre-Construction Termite Control Methods

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Having your house built can allow you to customize it and make it the home of your dreams. However, a new home can be an expensive investment. Protecting it should include controlling pests, such as termites that can cause extensive damage. Here are some termite treatments that can be applied during the construction process to protect your home:

Barrier Treatments 

Barrier treatments can be applied as a physical "stop" in the soil. It can keep termites from coming within a certain distance of your home. The barriers are generally not insecticide-based. Instead they include structural restraints, such as sand, plastic, or gravel. 

Bait Stations

Bait stations can be installed within the soil around your home. The stations attract termites and kill them with termiticide.

Termite baits are sometimes used alone. However, they may also accompany other insecticide applications, such as liquid insecticides.

Pretreated Wood

Several chemicals can be used to pre-treat construction lumber:

Composite and Resin

Some lumber is made from recycled plastic. Composite combines plastic with ground wood, such as sawdust. However, resin is all-plastic. Both composite and resin are fully termite resistant.

Naturally Termite-resistant Wood

Some woods are naturally termite-resistant. They include cedar, redwood and cypress. However, these natural alternatives do not last as long as lumber that has been chemically pre-treated.

Liquid Treatments

Since subterranean termites often attack the lower levels of a home, such as the basement or crawlspace, liquid treatments can be applied by drilling holes around the base of your home and injecting insecticide. Your exterminator may use a liquid insecticide that becomes a foam. A liquid can be used as a preventive measure. However, it can also be used to kill existing termites.   

Termite damages can be expensive, and they are generally not covered by your homeowner's insurance policy. Nevertheless, termite prevention can start before your home's construction is even complete. Talk to your exterminator and to your builder about ways to prevent termites from invading and damaging your home. Pre-construction treatments may be used to protect your home for years.  

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