Keeping Ants Outside Where They Belong

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If you have noticed ants inside your home, you most likely will want to get rid of them as quickly as possible. Ants can be annoying, pesky creatures that seem impossible to remove if they are in large numbers. There are several steps you can take in getting ants to vacate your home and stay outside away from your living space. Here are some methods in removing ants and some ways you can deter them from wanting to set foot inside your home again.

Cleanliness Makes A Difference

Keeping an unkempt home will exacerbate an ant problem rather quickly. If ants are able to walk through unnoticed because there is a lot of clutter in the area, they will continue to multiply without your knowledge. They will also be able to find sources of food much easier. Make it a priority to pick up your belongings daily so items do not start piling up, making it more difficult for you to clean thoroughly.

Wipe down counter tops and tables and vacuum regularly to remove any food particles that would attract ants. Keep your leftovers in the refrigerator or in closed cabinets within sealed containers. Clean up uneaten pet food instead of letting it sit in your pet's dish as it will attract ants.

Check For Entryways

Walk around the perimeter of your home searching for spots where ants are gaining entry. Any small cracks can be possible ant tunnels to the interior of your home. Fill them in using caulk. For larger holes, either repair with flashing to cover them or replace that portion of siding completely. 

Check around windows and doors to make sure there are no gaps where ants can squeeze through. Use weather-stripping or caulk to fill them in. This will keep out pests and will also help conserve energy. Pour some gravel around the perimeter of your home up to the foundation concrete. Ants will avoid rocks but will walk through grass to get to your home.

Use A Few Deterrents

There are several mediums that ants do not care for and if they smell them they will scatter to another area. Some of these include talcum powder, chalk and salt. Sprinkle one of these across your doorways to help keep ants on the other side of the door, as they will avoid crossing the line. Inside your home spray distilled white vinegar in areas where ants have been known to frequent.

Mix up a batch of borax and sugar and sprinkle in areas you have seen ants. Resist the urge to kill ants you see as they will bring borax granules back to their nest. This will kill ants before they have a chance to go back for seconds. If you use this method, be sure to keep the borax away from pets or small children as it is toxic.

For more assistance with eradicating your ant infestation, contact an ant control company.