How To Get Rid Of Fleas And Ticks

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If your pet brings fleas or ticks in the house, it can quickly lead to an infestation. It's very hard to ignore a flea and/or tick problem. Not only can it lead to skin irritations on your pets, but fleas will also attack family members causing red, itchy bumps. Ticks may cause Lyme disease. The trick with getting rid of these pests is to act as soon as you notice that first flea or tick. The tips in this article will help you to get rid of them as quickly as possible.

Remove your pets

The first thing you need to do is to remove your pets from the house. They should be bathed in a flea and tick dip and kept at another location until the house has been cleared of all pests. Any ticks embedded in their skin should be removed with tweezers and put in a jar of alcohol. The process may take a couple of days depending on the degree of infestation you have in your home.

Bomb the house

You want to use a bug bomb to bomb the house. Make sure you use enough cans for the size of your home. Bombs work by putting a residue on surfaces that kill fleas and ticks, so remove any clutter that may make a safe haven for the pests. Close all the windows and doors, activate the bombs and make sure you and all living creatures are out of the home for the required length of time provided on the packaging.

Vacuum everything

Once you come back in the house, you want to clean all surfaces to remove the bomb residue. Then, you should vacuum all carpeting, rugs and furniture to remove fleas, ticks and eggs. All bedding that the pests or the bomb may have come into contact with should be washed and then dried on a hot setting.

Spray hidden areas

If you have areas the bomb wouldn't have come in contact with, such as underneath of your furniture, then you can use a can of bug spray to spray those areas. Follow up by vacuuming with the hose end of your vacuum.

Treat the yard

Both fleas and ticks like tall grass and bushes. Your grass should be mowed short and your bushes should be cut back. Check yourself before going back in the house to make sure you aren't bringing more inside.

Once you are confidant you have taken care of the problem, you can have your pets treated with a long lasting flea and tick solution that's available at the vet. Then, you can bring them home and rest assured that you did what you can. If the problem persists, you should have a pest control company come out.

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