Removing Honey Bees From Your Home

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If you have noticed several honey bees around your home, and you believe they are holed up between your walls, you will want to work quickly in having them removed to avoid excessive damage to your home's structure. Left behind honey comb will deteriorate inside your walls, making an unpleasant odor. Because of this, and the risk of being stung, you may need to hire help in removing the bees safely and efficiently. Here are some tips to use when dealing with a honey bee invasion within your home.

Break Up The Chain

Usually when honey bees are located within a home, there is also a colony somewhere outside on your property in a different location. The queen bee will stay at one of the locations and worker bees will go back and forth between the homes bringing the queen food so she does not need to leave. Stopping worker bees from living in another area outside will help convince the interior bees to look for a new place to set up camp.

Divert Bees To The Exterior

If you have an idea where the bees are located within the home, and it is within an exterior wall, you may be able to divert the bees back outdoors with the following trick. Follow any stray bees you see to find out where they are getting inside your home. There will most likely be a crack or crevice on the exterior of your house leading to the wall within where they are holed up. 

Attach a piece of chicken wire to the exterior of your home by rolling it into a cone shape. Center the larger end of the chicken wire over the crack. The narrow end will point outward. When bees leave the wall to go out looking for food, they will not be able to get back inside.

Enlist Help From Others

If you know of a local beekeeper in your area, call them to see if they would be interested in transporting the bees from within your home to their property. They will be able to keep the bees to make honey, which they sell for profit. A beekeeper would come prepared with a special vacuum that sucks up the bees from their homes outdoors and from between your walls without harming them. 

You will need to hire a contractor to cut through the wall before the beekeeper does their work in removing the bees and the hive. Another alternative method is to have a professional service, like ASAP Bee Removal, remove the bees from your wall. You will still need the help from a contractor to get to the bees, and to make repairs to the wall after they have been removed.