Wood Destroying Insects: Identifying The Type That Is Damaging Your Home

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When the wood in and around your home is showing signs of insect damage, you must determine what species is causing the problem. Without this information, it is difficult to develop a strategy for getting rid of insect invaders.

Wood Boring Bees

Wood boring bees, which look similar to large bumblebees, are insects that damage the exterior wood around your home. The females dig cylindrical holes into the wood to create a nest for their eggs. The nest is where the larva will continue to grow until they are ready to make it on their own as adult bees.

In most cases, these bees leave humans alone. However, the females may try to sting you if you mess with their nest.

Additional damage that is associated with these bees can be extra holes in the wood caused by woodpeckers. Most woodpeckers poke holes into the wood trying to get the bees, since the bees are a food source for this type of bird.

To get rid of these bees, you need to kill the nest with a powered insecticide that goes into the holes. Then, you need to fill in the hole, so that other bees can't use the holes in the coming years.


Termites are another common cause of wood damage throughout your home. However, there are a few species, so you need to know what signs to look for aside from holes in the wood.

For example, subterranean termites must stay moist, so they use mud tunnels that they create to travel from their nest below ground to the wood, which is their food source. This type of termite is the easiest to spot, because you can find these mud tunnels on any solid surface. To disrupt the path of the termites, you can destroy the tunnels, which will slow them down.

Other types of termites make above ground nests and they eat most types of wood. Generally, you will see sawdust around the base of the wood they are consuming. Unfortunately, these termites will eat outside and inside wood, which makes them a very destructive force.

Getting rid of termites is not an easy task, which is why professional exterminators, such as E & R Exterminating Company, Inc., should handle it for you. To begin with, the exterminator locates the nest if possible, so that it can be destroyed. Then they use a chemical designed to kill termites, which usually kills adults, larva and the eggs. It is important to note that for heavily infested homes, the exterminator may need to treat the structure a few times to deal with these wood-destroying insects.

If you have signs of wood damage around your home, you need to know if insects are causing the problem. By gathering additional information, you can identify and then get rid of these insects before they can cause more damage to your home.