Are Ultrasonic Rodent Repeller Devices Effective?

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Putting down chemical repellents and poisons is a common way of controlling mice and rats. However, many homeowners with rodent issues around their properties might not be comfortable putting down potentially toxic chemicals in areas where their children or pets might become exposed to them. 

Ultrasonic rodent repellers purportedly offer a means of keeping rodents away without the need to rely on chemical treatments. This type of repellent functions by sending ultrasonic waves out that irritate rodents and keep them away. Rats and mice are typically easy to frighten with unfamiliar sounds, but ultrasonic devices might not be as effective on controlling other types of rodents such as moles or squirrels. 

Capabilities of ultrasonic devices

It's important to realize that ultrasonic devices are not going to independently eradicate a rodent control issue. Although ultrasonic rodent control has been shown to be effective in some situations, it won't kill rodents or permanently keep them away. 

Ultrasonic devices often show effectiveness initially, but rodents tend to adapt quickly to the ultrasonic waves they produce. Once rodents become accustomed to an ultrasonic device, it may be rendered completely ineffective. 

An ultrasonic device could be useful in situations where rodents need to temporarily be kept away from a certain area. However, they should be used in combination with other pest control methods if homeowners want to find a permanent solution to a rodent infestation in the home or yard. 

The importance of location

The effectiveness of an ultrasonic rodent control device can be drastically reduced if it is poorly located. Obstacles such as furniture pieces and walls can block the sound waves produced by these devices.

Ultrasonic devices need to be placed out in the open to reach rodents. It's also important to understand that the sound waves they produced are weak and will have a very short range. A single ultrasonic device will therefore not be very effective at keeping rodents away in a very large interior space. 

Combining ultrasonic devices with other rodent control solutions

Because ultrasonic devices tend to be effective initially, they can be used to encourage rodents towards traps that provide a more permanent solution.

Right after placing an ultrasonic device in a rodent-infested area, it's a good idea to place traps and seal up gaps in walls and floors through which rodents are accessing a home's interiors. It's also important to clean up any residue or put away any food items that may be attracting rodents before rodents become accustomed to the noise. Contact a company like A Humphreys Insect & Rodent Control Inc for more information.