Keep Flies Out Of Your House

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If you find that your home always has flies buzzing around inside it, then it can be hard for you to relax. They can even chase you around and make it feel like they are intentionally trying to drive you crazy. Meal times can also be a real challenge when you have to swat them away while you are trying to enjoy your food. This article will help you by offering you advice on how you can keep flies out of your house.

Check all your screens

Window screens can offer flies a simple way to get in your home if the screens themselves are missing, ripped, or cracked. Go around your home and inspect every screen. Make sure they fit tight and don't have any holes or rips n them.

If you find a screen that doesn't fit tightly in the window frame, you can temporarily fix it by placing a thin piece of rope under the screen, pushing it up into the frame tighter and securing it along the bottom.

If there are holes or rips in the screen, you can temporarily repair it quickly with a piece of nylon stockings, a sewing needle and thread. Cut the stocking so it's just large enough to cover the area that needs repairing and place it over the spot. Use the needle and thread to sew it in place.

Install screen doors

If you like to have your doors open during the day, then you need to have screen doors installed so the flies don't pour into the house. The only way the screen door is going to work is if you make sure it is the exact size so it doesn't have gaps along the sides, top or bottom.

Keep trash away from the house

Your outside trash cans need to have secure lids and they should never be set right outside the house. Instead, find a place for them that's as far from the house as possible. Your inside trash should also have a tight fitting lid and anything that has a stronger smell to it should be walked immediately out to the outside trash cans.

The tips above should help you to see less flies in your home. If you continue to have a problem with them, then you should call a pest control company, such as Rainbow Pest Control, to come out and help you with the situation. There may be other things going on that need attention to put an end to the flies.