Outsmarting Gophers So They Vacate Your Property

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If you have noticed an abundance of holes throughout your backyard, and you have seen brown animals slinking down inside of them, you are most likely suffering from a gopher problem. Gophers may look cute, but their antics can cause a lot of destruction to a yard if they are not dealt with promptly. When dealing with gophers, you will need to outwit them to eliminate them from your yard for good. Here are some tips to use when dealing with gophers in your yard.

Scare Gophers With Reflection

Gophers tend to shy away from reflective items as they find them frightening.  Put colored glass bottles near or inside the gopher holes you find around your yard. The color causes a noticeable reflection of light, scaring gophers away from the areas where they are placed.

Use Increased Sounds To Annoy Gophers

Gophers will shy away from areas with loud sound. Place a small radio inside a plastic bag and insert it into one of the gopher holes on your property. Make sure the volume is turned up so gophers inside or near the holes will be able to hear it. Placing it on a loud rock station or between channels so it emits a squealing sound will be annoying to gophers. The plastic bag will protect the radio from inclement weather. 

Spray All Vegetation With Smells Gophers Dislike

Make a gopher deterring spray to use on your garden vegetables, flowers, and bushes in an attempt to keep gophers from eating them while living on your grounds. Place some peppermint oil, crushed cayenne pepper, and crushed garlic in a blender and mix well. Place it in a spray bottle and fill up with water. Mix well and spray liberally around your yard. The scent will be displeasing to gophers, possibly sending them away from your yard since your vegetation will no longer be desirable.

Capture Stubborn Gophers With Humane Traps

If you are unable to scare gophers away with any of the above tactics, you may wish to try trapping them so they can be relocated to an area away from your property. Gopher traps can be purchased from a hunting supply store or online. Make sure to wear gloves as you prepare the trap so there is no human scent transmitted to the unit.

Place some peanut butter inside the trap to use as bait and put it in one of the gopher holes. Check the trap periodically to see if you have captured a gopher. If so, bring it to a wooded area away from your home and set it free. Repeat the process until all gophers are relocated.

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