Controlling Your Home's Spider Population

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Some bugs are just more frightening for people than others. For instance, you may have a particular aversion to spiders. If so, you are not alone. In fact, experts say that the fear of spiders may be "innate" for some people and not tied to some horrifying spider experience you had as a child. If a few spiders send you running, an infestation in your home can bring you close to a breakdown. Try not to panic. You do have several humane options for getting rid of these creatures and keeping them from coming back.


Even if spiders give you the heebie-jeebies, most of them are great for the environment. They eat harmful pests that invade your home. Unless the spiders are of a poisonous nature, you should try and remove them without killing them. If this idea is too scary for you, have a family member take over. Simply have them use a piece of paper to guide and trap the spider inside a clear cup. If the spider is in a web, they can use scissors to snip the spider free so it drops inside the cup. Once the spider is safely trapped, have your designated spider person release it away from your home.


If you've spotted spiders, you almost certainly have spider eggs inside your home just waiting to hatch. You need to vacuum your entire home thoroughly, making sure to vacuum above your drapes, behind furniture, and in corners. Your humane spider policy does not need to extend to their unborn offspring.


Spiders are not after you; they are after the insects in your home. If you close up all the openings you can find, you will keep out other pests and make your home more unattractive to spiders. Keep the area around your home clear of wood piles, leaves, and other debris that provides a safe environment for spiders. You can also invest in spider repellant, the equivalent of a spider's bad cologne. You won't mind the smell, but spiders will find someplace with better oxygen.

If you have an overwhelming problem or see spiders that look poisonous, contact a professional pest control company (such as Frontier Exterminating Company). You should try and keep spiders alive whenever possible, but you should not have to live with an infestation. If you are only dealing with the occasional spider, try and return it to the wild rather than squashing it. Otherwise, call for help.