8 Tips for Keeping Pests Away from Your Backyard Party

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As the summer winds down, many families are hoping to host backyard parties for friends and family. Unfortunately, unwanted guests in the form of pests can put a damper on your affair. Here are some tips for keeping pests from interrupting the festivities.

  1. Clean the yard. Pests, such as cockroaches, are attracted to clutter. Get rid of piles of wood and mow the lawn before the party. You also need to ensure there are no stagnant pools of water in the yard. Mosquitoes and other pests breed in and near standing water.
  2. Use mosquito netting. Mosquito netting is more than just a way to keep the mosquitoes out. It is a lightweight material that can be aesthetically pleasing if properly draped. For an added effect, you can string Christmas lights with the netting to enhance its appeal.
  3. Place citronella candles in the dining area. The candles work as a repellent that will keep mosquitoes away from your guests. They also add to the lighting for the event.
  4. Move trash cans away from the guests. Pests are attracted to waste, and as your guests dispose of food and other debris, more pests will appear.
  5. Keep the food covered. Placing the food out on tables and letting guests fix their plates sounds like an easy way to feed everyone, but it also attracts pests. If you opt for clear covers over your food, guests can still see their options without leaving the food exposed to pests.
  6. Use plants to your advantage. There are a number of plants that are natural repellents to pests. For instance, lavender and rosemary are mosquito repellents. The plants can not only help with keeping pests away but also can serve as a decorative touch.
  7. Place bug zappers in your yard. A bug zapper can help with the flying pests at your party. A couple of zappers placed in the area in which your guests will be can be instrumental in preventing bug bites.
  8. Turn on the fans. Bugs are more active in low-wind situations. If there is little to no wind blowing at your party, use a few box fans to help push the wind around in the yard.

Schedule a consultation with a pest control specialist to learn other ways you can protect your guests while hosting a backyard party. The specialist can treat your yard and identify any issues that need to be taken care of before the big day. You can also continue reading more online.