How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs

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If your home has been invested with bed bugs, you are likely living through your worst nightmare. These bugs' bites cause small, itchy bumps on your body and can be uncomfortable as well as embarrassing. You could call a pest-control service, or you could try to take care of the issue yourself. Here are some tips for going it alone.

1. Take Care of Personal Items

Take any personal items, including stuffed animals, cell phones, and other small electronics, blankets, and pillows and put them in plastic bags that are thoroughly sealed. Before you seal the bag, take some insecticide strips and place them in the bags. Try to get insecticide strips that are specific to bed bugs. Leave the strips and the personal items in the bags for several days (or as long as the strips recommend). This will kill all of the bed bugs that are on these personal items and keep them from infesting your home further. Your electronics will not be harmed by these insecticide strips. When you remove the items from the bags after the allotted time period, vacuum them to get rid of any of the dead bugs.

2. Cover Your Mattress and Box Spring

Next, look at your mattress and your box spring. If your box spring is covered with fabric, and the fabric has any holes in it where the bugs could have gotten in, remove the fabric. Otherwise, you're good.

Take a special sealing cover for mattresses and box springs and cover each item individually. This seal is designed to keep any bugs that are on the mattress from being able to get out and further infest your home. You will need to leave this cover on your mattress and box spring for at least a year. You can find these special, airtight covers online. Once you have the covers on your mattress, you can put sheets over them and use the mattress normally. You can also invest in mattress liners that are designed to specifically kill bed bugs for a few years and help prevent them from coming into the mattress in the first place. Put these between your mattress and the box spring.

3. Wash Your Sheets

Wash any potentially infected sheets in water that is at the hottest setting that your washing machine can provide. This will kill the bugs that are on them. Do the same with any of your clothing.

4. Vacuum the House

Finally, vacuum the house every day for a few days after you have noticed the infestation in order to get rid of any bugs that might be elsewhere in your home. Put any waste from the vacuum cleaner in a sealed plastic bag to keep the bugs from getting out and reinfesting your house.

For more information, call a company that provides pest-control services.