Keep The Deer Away From Your Yard This Year With Three Affordable Prevention Methods

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If the deer loved your yard last year and wouldn't stay away from your yard and garden, you can take a few steps during the early spring and summer to keep the deer away. These steps are all natural and will not harm the deer in any way; they will just encourage the deer to hang out elsewhere.

#1 Bar Soap

Deer are not a fan of the smell from a regular old bar of soap. You can use this to your advantage. Pick up some regular bar soap at the dollar store or when it is on sale at your local general store. During the spring and summer, place bar soap in small containers around your garden. The smell should keep the deer away. You will need to replace the bar soap as it degrades, though. If it is relatively dry outside, the bar soap may last awhile. However, if it is rainy outside, you are going to need to replace the soap more often.

#2 Ammonia Rags

Deer also do not like the smell of ammonia. Take some old towels and rip them up into long strips. Then take the long strips and soak them in a bucket full of ammonia, ring them out, and hang the rags up along your fence near your yard and garden. You will need to repeat this process around once a week throughout the spring and summer months to keep the deer away; after about a week, the scent will wear off the rags and will not be effective.

#3 Dairy Repellent

You can also help keep the deer away by directly applying a repellent onto the plants that the deer have been eating in your yard. The best repellent is a home-made one that will not negatively affect the health of the plants. You can make a dairy repellent by mixing together a cup of milk, two eggs and some water together with a wetting agent. A wetting agent is something that you can pick up from your local nursery and will help the repellent you are making stick to your plants.

Put this mixture inside of a spray bottle and spray this homemade repellent directly onto the plants that the deer seem to be munching on. This will discourage the deer from continuing to eat these plants. You will need to reapply the repellent a few times until the deer get the message that these plants taste enjoyable to eat. Since it is usually the same set of deer going through your yard, this shouldn't take too long. For more tips, contact a company like Molter Termite and Pest Control.