Have A Bed Bug Problem? Know How To Get Rid Of Them

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Bed bugs are a problem that nobody wants to deal with. They don't mean that your home is dirty for you to have them, since they can attach to your clothes at hotels, school, work, or on public transportation. Once they are in your home, they can be quite the pest to deal with. Here are some techniques that can be used to get rid of bed bugs.


One effective method to kill bed bugs is by using heat. You can do this by running infected clothes through your washer using hot water and then drying on high heat. It will help to put clothing that is infected into a sealed bag so that the bed bugs do not jump off the items and to someplace else in your home. Put the clothes directly into the washing machine from the bag and turn on the wash cycle.


Some items are not practical to put through your washing machine since they will become damaged, like your shoes. You can remove the bed bugs inside these items by freezing them. Simply place the item in a sealed bag and place it in the freezer for several days. In general, the colder temperatures will kill off the bed bugs faster, so leave the item in the cold for several days just to be safe.

Diatomaceous Earth

For items that cannot be washed or placed in the freezer, you can kill bed bugs using some diatomaceous earth. The chemical attacks the bed bugs in several ways. Diatomaceous earth is capable of cutting through the exoskeleton of bed bugs, which kills them very quickly. It can also cause bed bugs to suffer from dehydration.

Many people prefer to use this method if they have bed bugs in an item that is very big, such as a couch. You can cover the item with diatomaceous earth and then vacuum it all up along with the dead bed bugs.


For big infestations, you'll need to contact an exterminator. More extreme methods can be used, such as tending off your whole home to use heat to kill off bed bugs hidden in your carpet fibers. This is the best way to deal with bed bugs when you need to clean more than a few items that are infested, since cleaning them throughout your whole home can be quite the challenge to do on your own.

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