Trapping Moles And Keeping Them Out Of Your Yard: What You Can Do

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Moles are tiny mammals that burrow underground and can have small tunnels all throughout your yard. The underground tunnels can leave lines of mounds all across the top portion of your yard, which is where the problems lie with these pests. They can tear apart your yard, leaving you with a costly mess on your hands that you have to repair. Moles can create so much damage that you will need quite a bit of dirt to fill in the low spots left behind. Trapping the moles and getting rid of them is essential in saving your yard. Read on for tips about using mole traps and other pest control methods.

Find The Tunnels And Set Traps

Figure out where the tunnels are located and begin to set traps. You can find mole traps at your local hardware or garden supply store. Set a few different traps along the tunnels where the moles have dug through your yard. Set the traps, then check them to see if you've trapped any moles. If you have a mole in your trap, dispose of it properly. Then, reset the trap and move it elsewhere around your yard.

Try A Rat Trap

A rat trap can be effective in getting rid of moles as well. You can use snap traps or live traps set with bait. If you trap a mole live, be sure to let it go somewhere far away from your house so it doesn't find it's way back to your home. Be very careful when you set it free so you don't get scratched or bitten by the mole. Use thick gloves, and don't attempt to handle the pest.

Use Dish Soap

Take two to three tablespoons of dish soap and mix it with water in a 5-gallon bucket for a soapy mixture. Dig into one of the tunnels and pour the mixture along the tunnels. You can also spray your lawn with this mixture as well to help repel moles and keep them away from your yard.

Use Replica Predators

You can use faux predators in your yard to keep moles at bay. Use an owl replica as a repellent, or you can use a coyote replica as well. Both can be found online or at your local gardening supply store. These faux replicas can be helpful in repelling other pests from your yard as well including mice, birds, and some other stray animals.

If you have moles in your yard, they are probably causing some major damage. Hire a pest control professional for help getting rid of these pests.