You Don't Want Mice In Your Home

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You want to keep mice out of your home and off of your property. If you ignore the fact that you saw a mouse in the corner of your garage or you neglect to act when you hear squeaks coming from your toolshed, then you may be asking for big trouble. While it may seem innocent enough to allow that mouse to stay in the garage where it can't do much harm, you may be giving it an open invitation to move into your home next and to bring its whole family as well. Here are some of the things that you should realize about mice if you do end up with them in your home.

Mice can get just about everywhere

Mice can climb, jump, and squeeze into the tightest of places. This means when you get them in your home, they can get into just about everything. You can end up with mice in your kitchen cupboards where they will chew through food packaging to eat the food and walk across your clean dishes and counters. Also, they can leave urine and feces along the way, which is gross and filthy.

They can get into your dressers, where they may shred your clothing for nesting material and then move on to the clothing hanging in your closet. They can go behind the walls and in the attic, where they can eat away at the wiring in your home. When they chew the wires, they can cause you to have a lot of electrical issues, which will leave your home at risk of having a fire break out.

Mice can also get into your HVAC ducts. If they happen to expire while they are in the ducts, then they can quickly cause a very foul odor that will blow out of the registers each time the heat or air conditioning turns on. You will have to have an HVAC technician come out to locate the mouse in the ducting and remove it for you in order to put an end to the nasty smell.

Mice can affect people's health

When mice are eating your food, they are getting their germs in the food, and this means you will be eating those germs. This can cause you to become ill. Mice can also carry rabies, and this puts everyone in your home at risk, including the pets that you have. Mice feces can also carry viruses, such as the hantavirus, and breathing in the particles from feces that can get in the air can make you very ill.

Call a mice control service to help you handle mice in and around your home.